German 'artists' put GPS device on "evil" Google streetcar

Some hilarious German pranksters (who call themselves artists) have managed to attach a GPS to a Google Streetcar driving around Berlin. This is a protest over Google’s threat to privacy. 

The Free Art & Technology group noticed one of Google’s streetcars parked outside the group’s offices. They took this opportunity to attach the device to the car and monitor, on a Google map of course, the route the car was taking.

The group invited others to join in their anti-Google crusade saying: “Come help us find and tell your friends about the evils being committed by Google’s streetviews car and crew.”

Google obviously got wise to it and seem to have removed the GPS system on Sunday afternoon.

Germany as a nation isn’t very keen on Google Streetview with the country’s Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner telling Focus magazine that she was considering “legal steps and possible changes to the law,” to prevent Google from publishing Streetview photos taken in Germany.