Gamestation reveals that it owns customers' souls

In a stunt to highlight how few people actually read online  terms and conditions, GameStation has managed to legally gain the rights on the souls of thousands of its customers.

On April 1 Gamestation changed its terms and conditions to include an “Immortal Soul” clause. This gave Gamestation which gives legal ownership of the customer’s soul.

GameStation claims that 88 percent of customers did not read the clause, which gives legal ownership of the customer’s soul over to the UK-based games retailer.

Those 12 percent of customers however did notice the clause and clicked the relevant opt-out box, netting themselves a £5 GBP gift voucher in the process.

The outfit said that more than 7,500 customers fell for the ploy and missed out on the gift voucher.

Gamestation has confirmed that it will not be selling the souls on to any third party even though it has been approached by a Mr Beelzebub who has come up with a good offer.

It looks like the Devil is wasting its time trying to trick people out of souls with violin concerts and other games. All it needs to do is fiddle with online terms and conditions.