Gamers play for hours next to a corpse

Gamers at a Taiwanese internet cafe carried on playing unaware that one of their numbers was actually dead.

A 23 year-old gamer was playing in a the cafe in New Taipei city when he died playing his favourite game. Apparently he died with his hand on his mouse and sitting rigidly on his chair so no one actually noticed that he had snuffed it.

A waitress told AP that no one noticed because he was one of those people who play for days at a time without getting any sleep.

In this case he came in late one night and was seen shouting into his mobile mid-day the next day. Later that day someone approached him and found that he was dead.

Police estimate that he had been dead for nine hours before they were called. They think that he must have died of a cardiac arrest triggered by low temperatures.

No other gamers noticed that they were playing next to corpse.