GameCrush pays girls to be tarts on Xbox Live

Don’t know any GIRLS who play VIDEO GAMES? Or GIRLS at all? Fear not, as has launched – a new service for Xbox Live that promises to let you “interact” with real girls from your parent’s basement for a tiny minimum fee of $8.25 for 500 ‘credits’.

The service works only with Xbox Live at the moment, so lonely PSN players aren’t yet able to pay through the nose to go on a GameDate just yet. A “Console GameDate” date costs 400 credits and will typically last a maximum of ten minutes, says GameCrush’s FAQ. A “Casual GameDate” will cost 400 credits and 60 credits for every additional minute of play. A casual gamedate consists of playing Connect 4 or Battleship with your girl.

The site lets you search for dates who want to play flirty, or dirty games.Flirty means your date will flirt with you a bit, while dirty means they’ll type filth at you while you shoot at them in Modern Warfare 2. The incentive for gaming harlots to play with spotty, lonely and most of all horny nerds is plain and simple, cold hard cash. There’s the chance for girls to make up to $30 an hour, says GameCrush.

The girls offering themselves to the site are your typical SuicideGirls rejects, typically with brightly dyed hair and gigantic self esteem issues (probably). The only difference we can tell between GameCrush and camwhore websites is that it costs a lot more and a player would have to prioritise between getting their arse handed to them, or seeing boobs.

One ‘featured’ member calls herself JadeRox and claims to be a huge geek, that loves to play video games, watch anime and read comics. She also says she works online as an amateur pornographer, and you can view her not work safe and not mind safe website here. We suggest pretending to be under 18 for the sake of your eyeballs. She also sells her pants online.

We can’t wait for Richard Gere’s upcoming Pretty Woman 2, where he falls in love with a girl on GameCrush and saves her from a life of shame and degredation in the seedy maps Wasteland and Favela.