Furious FC Sion fans DDoS Celtic website

Celtic FC’s website was under attack this week from distraught and furious FC Sion fans.

It faced serious, repeated DDoS attempts when FC Sion got kicked out of the UEFA Cup, because it was found to have fielded players against Celtic who weren’t registered.

Celtic is in the news about a rivalry against the Swiss team. The view in Switzerland is that UEFA is ignoring the wills of the Swiss courts, and fans are furious.

People the world over have realised it’s actually quite easy to bring a lot of websites to their knees, in what is turning into a kind of mob rule situation where if you get enough hacktivists – or angry Sion fans – you can attack companies or organisations, often with little consequence.

Celtic is usually busy rowing with Rangers, including the odd post bomb or two, but it was caught on the back foot this time by Sion fans who found the ruling unacceptable.

The Celtic website is back to normal, for now.