Funeral director suggests checking in before you check out

Many firms are cottoning on to the potential of social media, and it appears that the funeral business is no exception.

Now, a social media agency is being tasked with meeting the needs of the clientele of a funeral director operating since way back in the 1600s.

Social media is “still a relatively new area” for the funeral industry in the UK, but the customers of CPJ Field have, they say, embraced it.

With the prospect of your Facebook profile outliving you it appears that the possibilities for posthumous status updates are on the rise as they croak rather than poke. Presumably the opportunity to ‘check in’ on Foursquare before finally ‘checking out’ could be attractive.

It is not clear whether tweeting from six feet under would work, but it would at least put a legion of psychic mediums out of work.

For social media agency SiteVisibility its business can offer the ability to establish “new online communication avenues” that a funeral director can us to “engage with clients”. 

However, this is more likely to involve search engine optimisation and extensive social media strategies rather than resorting to the traditional Ouija board.