FTC peers at Google

US trade watchdog US Federal Trade Commission looking into search engine outfit Google dominance of the Internet search industry.

According to the Economic Times  the FTC has asked high-tech companies to gather information for the probe.

The FTC has told the companies that it plans to issue so-called civil investigative demands for the information.

Apparently the FTC had been considering a broad investigation, but was waiting until the Justice Department concluded its own review of Google.

The DoJ approved Google’s $700 million purchase of ITA on the condition it makes travel data available to search-engine rivals and lets the government review complaints that it’s acting unfairly.

However an FTC investigation could cause some headaches for Google which could end up being grilled until it is toasted and served up with a huge fine.

There is nothing official coming out of the FTC or Google yet. However if the DoJ is asking the likes of Microsoft and Yahoo for “evidence” that someone has done wrong, we expect to see a lot of mud flung.