Fruity Queen Rania goes TwitVid bonkers with "Twisit"

Fruity social-media happy royalty Queen Rania of Jordan has launched something she’s calling Twisit – a Twitter-based contest hosted on TwitVid to send a tourist to Jordan and a Jordanian to wherever the tourist is from.

A pretty popular and pretty annoying Twitter fad – Twad – is to replace the first two letters of a word with “TW” or something Twitter related. So “people” becomes “Tweeple” and to murder a Twitter follower may become to “Twurder”. Twisit is a combination of Twitter and visit, because Fruity Queen Rania wants people to visit Jordan.

She says in her TwitVid intro video that there are all sorts of beautiful sights and sounds to see in Jordan and that the country has sights that are “unique and impressive especially to tourists”. Jordan has done exceptionally well for human rights records in its region so paranoid Westerners needn’t worry about that sort of thing. 

She invites Jordanians to “send a TwitVid telling the world what the most beautiful thing in our country is”. The correct answer, by the way, is “Rania Al Abdullah”.

Unfortunately Fruity Queen Rania’s TwitVid contest page, at time of publication, has been delayed. In the mean time check out @QueenRania for fruity updates on “A mum and a wife with a really cool day job”.