French file sharing law did not save Big Content

A report on the effectiveness of the French three-strikes anti-piracy law shows it might have cut piracy by half, but it fails to mention that revenues for the legal sale of music have dropped too.

For years Big Content has been telling French politicians, who it has invited to its parties, that the reason they were not selling music any more was because of the evil pirates.

However, while the new report from the Hadopi office indicates that the law might have killed piracy in France, Big Content’s bottom line is still as grim as ever.

The report taks about a 29 percent decrease in visits to “pirate” sites in 2011, to a 66 percent drop in illegal file-sharing traffic in France in the same period.

But as  Torrent Freak  points out, the French music industry’s overall revenues were down by 3.9 percent in 2011. The French movie industry is seeing its revenues dropping 2.7 percent in 2011.

The logic would be that if piracy were cut still further, the music and film industry would lose even more cash and go completely tits up.

Therefore Big Content should be supporting piracy rather than trying to give it a good kicking.  QED?