Fox tries to censor its own censorship

Fox has been caught out trying to use the DMCA to prevent Google from telling the world about its DMCA take-down notices.

For a while now Google has supported a site called Chilling Effects where a list of all the DMCA notices are posted.

According to TorrentFreak, Fox is doing its level best to get Google to delist DMCA complaints on Chilling Effects, which were originally sent by Fox itself and submitted to Chilling Effects by Google.

Amongst the take down notices Fox wanted was the URL This was a DMCA notice sent by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation to Google which contains a list of URLs which allegedly link to the movie Avatar. Fox demanded that Google should take them all down from its index.

Google appears to have shrugged and taken down the link knowing that it will be logged again by Chilling Effects and go up under a different link.

Fox claims that the take down notice aimed at Chilling Effects is because it violates its content, namely the flick Avatar. However all the Chilling Effects links to is Fox’s takedown request that mentions the film Avatar.

Confusing isn’t it? This is because Fox’s lawyers are in a perpetual legal loop trying to use the DMCA to shut up Chilling Effects and have not worked out that they are simply creating more Chilling Effects posts.

So far Fox has done this four times. We guess the laywers are being paid for each take-down notice they write with the name Avatar in them. So far they have not managed to change one thing.

It sounds a bit like a Dante style punishment.

Lawyers will be free from the tortures of hell if they manage to get Fox’s name off Chilling Effects.

However every time they do that their activities will be logged by Chilling Effects. Fortunately this means that lawyers will never be able to escape the infernal pit, or Slough as it sometimes known.