Foursquare on the hunt for London office this week

Foursquare’s upcoming London operation, confirmed earlier this month, is in full swing as its head of European affairs searches for an office.

Unfortunately the Twitter and Tweetdeck offices are full. But Foursquare has been hunting for a space this week.

Will it be Covent Garden? Perhaps, but there’s not a chance it will be next door to Facebook’s London offices. Dennis Crowley, a founder, last year called Facebook ‘boring’. Facebook’s Places service is similar to Foursquare in that it is a location service, but the mayor and badges system isn’t there.

The office won’t be at TechHub either – which the spokesperson recognised as a great place to work but a little too hectic.

Around 15 people are expected to be working in the European office, London. “It makes sense,” a spokesperson told us, “we have a heavy userbase in London”.

The silicon roundabout would be good PR – sitting at just about any bar in Shoreditch it’s easy to play a game of Spot The Mayor.