Firefox reaches two billion add-on downloads

Ever-growing big cheese in the browser market, the Mozarella Foundation, has reached its 2 billionth add-on download for the Firefox browser. 

When Mozarella reached the Big Billion in November 2008, it said on the bog that it hoped to double the figure more quickly than it came to the first – three years. The community has been on the up and up and managed to get to the next billion in just half the time.

Here are a couple of our favourite Firefox add-ons to mark the milestone:

WiseStamp – This one’s pretty well known. It won an award, deservedly, from little-known social media and tech blog Mashable. You install it and it will automatically stick in a customised signature at the bottom of all your emails, with clickable links to your social media networks, instant messaging handles, your website, job title, or whatever the heck you want. Plus, the opportunity for screwing with someone elses WiseStamp is too much to pass up. If you’re a jerk. 

Firebug – Hello techies and developers. Straight from the blurb: Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page. Our CTO comments: “Firebug is awesome!”

Foxytunes – This add-on lets you work your media-player through your browser while also helping you find lyrics, covers, videos and biographies, easily from your browser. We like it!

InvisibleHand – Really useful tool basically cuts out the middle man of price comparison. Go to a product page and it works quietly in the background to let you know if there’s a cheaper price anywhere else on the web – works in the US, the UK and Germany.

Citavi Picker – Our Teutonic Techie John W. Daly tells us that this is an essential for German language Firefox users. It’s a literature database tool that allows you to skim through and evaluate texts and websites, whether they’re word files, PDFs, text or web pages. 

Feedly – With a name like that, it does what you’d expect it to. Arranges all your favourite reading picks on a neat and handy start page not unlike a magazine index, as well as integrating with Google Reader, Twitter and YouTube

Screengrab! – While some of us are stuck in the past, using Ctrl+F11 on Irfanview to take our screenshots, Screengrab! saves a webpage as an image really simply. It now captures flash as well. You can grab an entire page, a selection, or just a page, and it will let you save the output as a file or copy it to the clipboard. is rightly proud of the milestone. The page has a brief rundown on the history of add-ons. Here’s a quick graph on Firefox add-ons through the ages: