Feds shut down ten streaming movie sites

Ten streaming movie websites have been shut down by the US Feds in part of the doomed ongoing effort to stamp out illegal distribution 

The seized domain names were all registered with US services but servers were run internationally, some in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Blighty. Three were running in the US, in Colorado, Florida and Illinois.  The problem is, sites outside the US will probably just pop back up under different names.

The authorities have said that the targeted sites were “among the most popular” websites for spreading illegal copies of films just out in the cinema – the government picked up on Toy Story 3 and The A-Team as evidence for obtaining the warrant.

The Wall Street Journal reports that to justify the warrant, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency assistant secretary John Morton said that on the 15th of June alone, 37,000 people had streamed Carrie Bradshaw buggering about in the Middle East in Sex and the City 2 on just one of the shut down sites, TVShack.net. Poor bastards.

“Counterfeiting and piracy hurt American workers, pure and simple,” said John Morton. If by American workers he includes Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the SatC 2 cast – we’ll be back later, there are movies to be streamed.

The affected sites are: PlanetMoviez.com, Movies-Links.tv, Filespump.com, ZML.com, Now-Movies.com, ThePirateCity.org, PlanetMoviez.com, NinjaVideo.net, NinjaThis.net and TVshack.net.