FCC head sings the praises of a metered internet

The head of the US Federal Communications Commission is a big fan of cable companies charging for the internet based on how much a subscriber uses the service.

Cable companies have been thinking about installing internet meters similar to the way utilities charge for electricity. They reason that people who use more should pay more.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told the cable industry’s annual NCTA Show that “Usage-based pricing” would help drive efficiency in the networks.

He insists that it would also be fairer to users and would encourage competition.

But while Cable providers have explored usage-priced pricing, they have discovered that they tend to have their customers telling them to go forth and multiply. This is mostly because, as those who had an electricity meter in the UK found out, you tend to have to pay much more for a metered service.

Nor has he said what will happen if you have your internet switched off because the meter has run out.