FBI breaks network in LulzSec hunt

The FBI has been wiping shedloads of businesses off the internet as its flatfoots act like bulls in china shops in data centres.

The Untouchables appear to be so desperate to shut down LulzSec and Anonymous they do not care who gets hurt in the cross fire.

The FBI has  seized web servers in a raid on an empty data centre. Sites on data centres tend to belong to a lot of companies but it seems that the FBI did not care. Several websites, including those run by the New York publisher Curbed Network, dropped off the word wide wibble.

The Untouchables carried out their raid at 1:15 am on the data centre used by DigitalOne, which is based in Switzerland.

In the morning DigitalOne had to write to shedloads of customers explaining why their servers had been taken offline.

DigitalOne’s chief executive, Sergej Ostroumow, said that this problem was caused by the FBI, not the company. Ostroumow said they took three enclosures with equipment plugged in, “possibly including your server” – unfortunately it could not check.

Ostroumow said that the Feds were only interested in one of the company’s clients but had taken servers used by others.

As a result of the FBI’s “unprofessional work” the company could not start its servers, and its own website is offline. Support doesn’t work.

For the last 15 hours the staff had been working to solve the problem and things might be sorted out by later today.

A deep throat in the FBI said the raid was part of a joint effort by the FBI, CIA and cybercrime bureaux in Europe which are targeting LulzSec.

It is not clear why FBI agents took more servers with them than they sought.  Curbed Network included blogs covering real estate, restaurants and other topics.

We guess the Feds were just looking for a pizza place that was open at 3AM after the raid.