Faux Steve Jobs becomes face of Taiwanese tea

He’s not Steve Jobs, but he sure is a good lookalike for the Apple chief exec. While we still don’t know the name of this Taipei expat who plays the role of “Steve Jobs” in this tea drink commerical airing on Taiwan’s TV, he’s almost a dead ringer for the tech icon.


The tea company – www.teastyle.com.tw – is owned by a huge convenience store conglomerate in Taiwan, and this advert is part of an iPad giveaway the firm is sponsoring.

It’s eminently watchable, just 21 seconds long, and it’s gaining traction among Jobs watchers and bloggers worldwide, from Taipei to Tiananmen (pronounced “tea-an-amen”).

The tea drink he’s hawking is called “Tong Yi Cha” and as usual it’s a sugary sweet tea concoction sold in the 10,000 plus convenience stores that mark every street corner in Taiwan.

What’s inside? Mostly water and sugar, so forget about it being anything really like tea. It’s not tea. It’s sugared water with a tea flavor.

But the sweet-smelling TV ad is making waves in the blogosphere and giving Steve Jobs fans another viral video to file away in the doppelganger department. Enjoy.