Farmville is more addictive than crack

In the depths of silly season, CNET seems to have become very concerned that people are wasting UP TO an hour a day on the Farmville game.

Josh Lowensohn has sternly warned from his pulpit that such games can be addictive: many users come back at least once a day to micromanage their farms and deal with other users’ requests.

All this is the devil’s work and apparently he found one sad woman who spends all her conscious hours on the game.

Apparently the evil outfits behind these titles are raking in millions of dollars from people who toil on land that doesn’t even exist. Shock and horror – oh, the moral depravity of such companies.

Lowensohn seems to be terrified that such moral depravity and time wasteage can even be found on the one and holy iPhone where it must interfere with communion with iFart and other wholesome games.

More than 63 million active users each month waste 15 minutes a day and these are precise seconds which can never be taken back.

Nevertheless Lowensohn worries about a woman called ” Katie S” who told him that her daily FarmVille routine consists of waking up around 10 AM and proceeding to play the game until well past midnight.

“I’ve been known to stay up all night until at least 5 or 6 a.m. if a new feature is out, and I’m excited about it,” she said.

She spends roughly $100 a month, which given the amount of time she spends on the game we would have thought was good value for money.

“I justify this as being my only source of entertainment, and I’m forgoing movies and dinners out, so it’s OK,” she said. Yeah, and a life Katie.

Before that she spent 18 months playing Zynga’s Mafia Wars game before quitting because it wasn’t fun.

So after all this pulpit thumping Lowensohn did the usual thing and rang up an addiction consultant to continue the doom and addiction theme. Basically any advice you get in a story like this is the same as you would advise for heroin so it starts to get even more over the top and suddenly you are in world crisis over a farm game.

The only question he didn’t ask Katie, was whether she was happy with her life. 

Still we can talk, we are writing about another tech magazine writing a silly season story.  It must be silly season.