Fans accuse Apple of cashing in on Whitney Houston's death

While the music industry has been paying its respects to troubled icon Whitney Houston, who was found dead on Saturday, posthumous Grammy award winner Steve Jobs’ company, Apple, has been accused of exploiting the singer’s death.

Popular media blog Digital Spy spotted a number of price-hikes on iTunes. Almost as soon as she was found dead in a hotel room, fans began accusing Cupertino of bumping up the costs to cynically cash in on her death.

One of her albums, the 2007 Ultimate Collection, went from £3 to £7.99. Customers said that they weren’t able to grab the album at the advertised price as the catalogue was updated.

Digital Spy quoted one customer as saying: “To say I am angry is an understatement”. Apple’s alleged vulture-like shenanigans were described as “totally parasitic”.

And that, presumably, will be counted among the contributions of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who has just received his posthumous Trustees Award. An Apple spokesperson said he was thrilled to pick up the award in Jobs’ honour because “music meant so much to him”.