Facebook to sue Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Networking site Facebook has decided enough is enough and it is going to sue a bloke who has the same name as its dear leader Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is an Israeli entrepreneur who recently took the social network founder’s name. Before he attained the spiritual heights of Zuckerbergness he was but a simple Israeli called Rotem Guez.

Having seen the seventh heaven which is the true and invisible way of Zuckerberg, he was transformed by his revelation and deed polled himself to become an avatar of his holiness.

However Facebook refused to give him a profile with his new name and so He-who-was-Guez-but- is-now-something-greater has sued.

He-who-was-Guez co-founded Like Store, a social marketing company, which sells companies Likes for their brand pages.

Facebook’s law firm Perkins Coie threatened to sue He-who-was-Guez , claiming the Like Store violated the social network’s Terms of Service. The threat told He-who-was-Guez to go forth and multiply and never to return to the promised land of social notworking ever again.

He-who-was-Guez announced plans to change his family’s names too so that they will be like Zuckerberg, face unto face.

It took Facebook a week to get wind of that one and threaten a lawsuit against Zuckerberg’s still existing Like Store.

As the Sydney Morning Herald  pointed out, there is nothing to stop Facebook suing someone named Mark Zuckerberg, it makes them look pretty silly, which we guess is the idea.

The only downside is that your family would be recreating the scene from Spartacus around the Hanukkah table with each claiming that they were Mark Zuckerberg.