Facebook sues the Daily Mail over a headline

It’s another fail for the Daily Mail.

It has got itself into trouble with Facebook, which is now threatening to sue the paper following a disagreement over a headline on the front page.

The paper decided that it would be a good idea to goad the social networking site last Friday by using the headline: “How many more victims of Facebook sex gang?”. The headline was in context of a story about a paedophile gang operating in Devon, where parents of 16,000 pupils in Torbay were warned of an ongoing “complex child abuse investigation”.

Of course Facebook was none too pleased with being associated with the story, and we imagine the headline, claiming that there was no evidence that the site was part of the investigation. It added there was also no proof that it had been used by the gang in question.

It had a moan to the Daily Mail, which changed the wording of the headline. However it refused to bow to demands that it should apologise in print.

A spokesman for the Mail said: “We stand by our story.”

Facebook wasn’t happy about the defiance and has now contacted its henchmen, otherwise known as lawyers, to sort it out. It claims it has “not ruled out legal action” but clearly thinks this will be enough to get the wind up the paper.