Facebook pulling BP page was a "terrible mishtake"

Facebook has claimed that the pulling of a page which campaigned for a BP boycott was a terrible mishtake.

A Facebook spokesman said that the page was pulled because of a technology cock-up.

It was not bought down at the request of BP which did not use its all powerful illuminati style connections to censor the site to prevent a boycott.

The group, which had 700,000 members went down on Monday, with visitors redirected to Facebook’s home page.

Facebook said that an automated system mistakenly flagged the page for removal.

“After a manual review it now has been restored along with the page,” said Defacebook

Public Citizen, a nonprofit public interest group that has been promoting the boycott, said that it was not much of an explanation.

The fact that a community that large could be taken down without explanation is a problem. Facebook and other social websites have become the public squares of the internet.

BP has shrugged and said it was not involved. In fact, it notified Facebook and helped get the page up and running again, a spokesBP claimed.