Facebook makes Democrats like Mitt Romney

Facebook software has been causing a large number of defriendings as it makes liberals look like they “like” Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

For a while now, people who really hate the idea of being ruled by a rich Mormon Bishop have been wondering why Facebook keeps telling them and their friends that they like him. This is causing a purge as friends fall out.

But it turns out that some of those do not really like the bloke at all.

For a while many US people claimed that Mitt Romney’s campaign team had deployed a virus or used other nefarious means to inflate the candidate’s online stature. Obama has 30 million ‘likers’, and Mitt has only eight million.

There was even a page “Hacked By Mitt Romney” with the url: facebook.com/MittYouDidntBuildThat.

But according to Motherboard, it is starting to look like it is not Romney’s fault, but a problem with Facebook and its mobile app.

Facebook thinks that users are accidentally clicking on a Romney ad or a “sponsored story” from the Romney campaign in their news feed.

The problem is unique to mobile because of the way the app works on small screens.

If you touch the wrong part of a screen while reading a political story you might accidentally ‘like’ Mitt Romney.

Facebook said that it is working to improve its mobile apps for that sort of reason.

Strange, though, that conservatives are not complaining that they have ended up “liking” Obama. Maybe Democrats are all thumbs.