Facebook love triangle ends up with death by guinea pig

A Facebook love triangle resulted with a bloke murdering his wife of 35 years with an ornamental guinea pig.

According to the Daily Wail, Joseph Richardson was miffed when he discovered his wife Janette was going to leave him for a bloke she met on Facebook.

He stabbed her and for some reason hit her with a guinea pig ornament which he found in his daughter’s bedroom. A guinea pig could do what a knife couldn’t apparently.

Richardson, 61, had earlier admitted murdering his wife on November 27 last year when she told him she wanted to leave him for an old friend she had found through Facebook.

He had phoned his wife’s friend, Graham Walker on the day of the murder for a quiet word. He apparently told Walker: ‘You are going to feel like I feel in a couple of hours’ time.’

Walker rang the Richardsons’ eldest daughter, Joanne Greenhill who got her husband to check on her mother and father.

Joanna Cherry, QC, said: “There was blood on the pillow the deceased’s head was resting upon and he assumed they were both dead.”

Greenhill raised the alarm and fetched his wife, who saw a knife on the top of a chest of drawers and a blood-soaked guinea pig on the floor.

Her father had stabbed himself in the chest and neck in an apparent suicide bid. But he was still alive.

Joseph Richardson told coppers he had been upset after finding train times in his wife’s purse which had been ‘the catalyst’ – but that he loved his wife.

In the note he left beside what he expected to be his dead body he wrote “She has given me a lot of mental tortcher (sic)…. He will never get my wife or my children.” 

The prosecutor claimed that Richardson had “reacted adversely” when his wife said she would be entitled to a share of the home and his pension.

Judge Lord Doherty noted that Richardson was a first offender. We guess that means he had never murdered anyone before. However Richardson subjected the woman he loved to a “terrifying and horrific death.”

He ordered that he should serve at least 13 years and two months before he can seek release.