Facebook losing UK users

Although Mark Zuckerberg’s data mining operation, Facebook, is still by far the most used social network in the world, data from tracking firm SocialBakers reveals over half a million UK users lost interest over December.

The UK is the world’s sixth most active user base for the network, but usage dropped by nearly two percent over the festive period. 

As the Guardian notes, although the drop in usage is apparently typical for the season, there are worries among investors that Facebook is fast approaching its saturation point. The company was forced to go public, and since, there has been growing concern that the unpredictability of its young CEO, plus a quandary over how it can effectively monetise its enormous user base, meant its over valued shares quickly dropped. Facebook is yet to go public on a plan to make it the sort of serious cash investors expect, despite its incredibly high valuation.

Over the last month, Social Bakers noticed an even greater dip – with a drop in 2.88 percent users overall. While the UK was only one of the ten most Facebook-friendly countries to lose users over Christmas, there has now been a slight drop in the US – at 0.69 percent less users – as well as Iondonesia and Mexico, also in the top 10.

The USA is by far Facebook’s largest market, with over 167 million picked up by SocialBakers. Its market penetration there is at just under 54 percent, compared with the UK’s at 52.6 percent.