Facebook is bad for your marriage

Technology is amazing and we love it. But it can be, and often is rightly, blamed for many things: power circuit failure,  radiation, Apple fanboys, or even the complete annihilation of a social life for addicted gamers. Heck, even murder and frenzied knife assaults.

Now folk are pointing the finger at Facebook for ruining marriages. According to a piece of research from a company that scanned its divorce petition database for the use of the word Facebook, 989 instances of the word came up in over 5,000 divorce petitions sampled.

This means that just under 20 per cent of all the petitions filed through the company had references to Facebook within the text of the divorce petitions.

This of course could be anything from “he commented about my lack of washing skills on Facebook” to the more obvious “she poked my brother on Facebook.”

Just to be sure this wasn’t a publicity stunt by a company eager to grab coverage on tech sites by mentioning Facebook., we thought we’d give a proper legal boff a call.

Michael Petrou, a lawyer who specialises in the art of divorce amongst other things, at  Charles Ross Solicitors, told TechEye: “We have never seen Facebook cited in divorce proceedings.”