Facebook encourages user generosity with their kidneys

Not content with just harvesting data, Mark Zuckerberg’s enormous information mining operation is now looking into harvesting organs.

Well, not exactly. Facebook is going to enable an option for people to register as an organ donor through the social network. It is entirely optional as far as we can make out, and we haven’t been alerted to anything in the T&C’s about signing away access to your kidneys.

According to the NHS’ Blood and Transplant wing, roughly 10,000 people in the UK are waiting for a new organ. Although having an organ donor card does mean your ex vitals are legally up for grabs, if the family is too distraught at the idea then hospitals don’t proceed. But the NHS thinks that if people make it completely clear that they want their organs donated, families are much more likely to consent.  

It told the BBC that just half of registered organ donors ended up telling their families that they wanted to donate their organs after they died – and that the new registration process is an “exciting new way” to bring in donations. 

The NHS Blood and Transplant group’s director, Sally Johnson, told the BBC that Facebook is an excellent way to get people talking about turning their bodies into carveries after they croak. Johnson said that the group desperately needs more people to sign up – and the Facebook campaign should make that “as quick and easy as possible”. 

Facebook is hoping to launch similar schemes in a long list of other regions – but for now it also has plans in the US, Australia, and Netherlands.