Facebook drops juror in another fine mess

Social notworking site Facebook has claimed another scalp after a woman admitted she committed contempt of court by contacting a defendant using the site.

Joanne Fraill could get up to two years in gaol after her admission that she had contacted defendant Jamie Sewart and let slip details of the jury’s deliberations. Sewart had been acquitted but when the judge in the case found out Fraill had contacted a defendant, he discharged the jury.

Jurors are supposed to confine their deliberations to evidence heard in court, but, according to the BBC, Fraill found Sewart on Facebook and chatted to her about the case.

Fraill, in admitting the contempt, threw herself on the mercy of the Lord Chief Justice – Lord Judge – and two other bewigged ones. Sewart denied contempt of court but the judges found her guilty too. They are yet to be sentenced.