Facebook deploys nipple police

Social notworking outfit Facebook has threatened a Sydney jeweller for posting pictures of a nude porcelain doll.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald Victoria Buckley uses dolls as inspiration for her pieces and hasn’t had one complaint about the A3 posters of the nudes in her shop window.

Over the weekend she got six warnings from Facebook saying the pictures of the doll, which show little more than nipples, constituted “inappropriate content” and breached the site’s terms of service.

Facebook is based in the US which was where Europe sent its intellectually challenged puritans in the 16th century. The idea was so that the rest of Europe could continue to have a good time without some dour moaning minnie telling them they were going to hell.

Unfortunately the puritans got all hot under the collar when the offending photo (see right) was published on Victoria Buckley’s Facebook fan page.

The warnings said Facebook would remove the images and Buckley is worried she will be banned from the site if she posts them again.

Facebook is getting a lot like a Saudi Arabian social networking site lately. It has dubbed snaps of women breastfeeding their children,”obscene content” and mothers who pose for them porn stars.

It also banned images of a British woman’s mastectomy scars, published on the site to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Buckley said that  it’s all “American puritanism” as the nipples are on a doll which is in the shop window.

She pointed out that someone had a a Michelangelo fan group on there and they have a picture of the Statue of David. Apparently either Facebook’s Witchfinder generals have not seen that yet or it is “different.”

While Facebook is good at cracking down on what its censorship team of retired colonels, nuns, monks, born again Christians, virgins and loonies sees as porn, it has been slammed by police for its unresponsiveness to real criminal problems.