Facebook crashes badly

Facebook addicts woke up to find the social notworking site was down  worldwide after looking like it first suffered an outage in Europe.

Users in France, Germany, the UK and Russia first began talking about being unable to access the site on Twitter.

It wasn’t soon after that Asian and American fans also began to complain they couldn’t get in either.

We checked out some of the sites, which promise to tell us if sites were down. However, they proved as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Down for everyone else or just me told us that the site was up and it was just us, while Facebook Down shed a little bit more light telling us that the site was having “issues”

Whilst it doesn’t elaborate, there could be a few reasons.

The company is currently making some changes to the site, which caused an outage in January.

The more suspicious amongst us also believe the site may be down as a result of hackers. One Twitter user, @dianalizia,  wrote: “Twitter, facebook, gmail, yahoo have had problems in last few hours. coincidence or is something up, perhaps linked to lulzsec arrests?”

Another blamed the outage on Apple’s announcements crashing the site which is a bit hard to swallow.

Anyway it was back up late in the morning, Roman time.  We are still waiting on an explaination from Facebook as to what happened.