Facebook cost me an election

Daft as a brush lawyer-politician Majed Moughni has sued the social notworking site Facebook because he came fourth in the Republican primary.

According to The Detroit News, Moughni is convinced that the only reason he lost was the social notworking site.

He had a cunning plan to overthrow the sitting candidate John Dingell to use Facebook to accumulate thousands of friends, who in turn would spread the message.

But the plan was screwed up when Facebook sank his page on the site. Moughni said that his lawsuit was filed to address the lack of due process at Facebook.

He said that because his Facebook page was deactivated, what took years to accumulate was forever erased.

Facebook has no due process, no appeal, and no live person to communicate with.

He said until his take down Moughni had about 1,600 friends. He claims Facebook acted because he had criticised his opponent’s need to introduce a resolution in solidarity with Detroit Tigers pitcher Andres Galarraga.

No, really, politics is decided on such vital questions.

An unknown person at DeFacebook told the Detroit News that the account had been flagged for “suspicious or anomalous behaviour.

In other words, it was being flagged for sending multiple messages to people who are not friends.

Moughni claims that the Facebook turn down disorganised us in the middle of his campaign and we lost.

He now wants an injunction that tells Facebook it cannot close an account without a right of appeal.

While he might have a point, claiming he lost the election because more than 1,000 Facebook friends were unable to turn an election against a long standing political opponent is a bit rich. Or rather poor.

If your entire campaign depends on a Social Notworking site and you are unable to adapt when it switches you off, might indicate you could have a few problems handling bigger problems like US foreign policy or choosing the right socks.