Facebook bans Kate Middleton

Social networking site Facebook has decided that any one called Kate Middleton is a right royal poser and automatically banned them.

While one Kate Middleton might be getting ready to marry the offspring of someone who talks to trees and a dead sloane, others are not so “lucky”.

Facebook has banned anyone from setting up a page with the name Kate Middleton on it.

The assumption is that anyone with that name must be trying to set up some sort of spoof site because there can only be one Kate Middleton and that is the famous one.

However the problem is that that Kate Middleton is as common as muck as a name and there are a lot of Kates who are miffed.

According to AP, Kate Middleton, from Sydney, already has to put up with daft idiots bowing to her and another woman from Pepper Pike, Ohio keeps having her friends ask her if she is going to marry a prince. We guess they are not too bright in Pepper Pike, Ohio.

All the Kates are finding that they can’t get Facebook pages. One in Kent changed her Facebook status to “thinking of reverting to her maiden name for a year” because of all the buzz.

She discovered that when she tried to log on to Facebook recently from her home, she saw that her account had been disabled by a security system in place to weed out imposters and fraudulent accounts.

It took some doing to convice them that she was not a royal imposter, or even particularly interested in the whole marriage thing.

Several other Kate Middletons have been moaning about similar experiences.

Facebook executives said some mistakes were inevitable as they tried to keep the social not-work secure.