Facebook backtracks on address, phone number sharing

Facebook has decided to backtrack on its sharing of home addresses and mobile numbers with external applications, disabling the feature while it works on making an opt-in permission that is more accessible and transparent.

On Friday the website entered hot water again over yet another privacy breach, sharing private details without express permission. Facebook claimed that it was just making it easier for people to use external services by streamlining the checkout process on a shopping site or sending special deals to mobile phones, for example.

That didn’t sit well with Facebook users, many of whom voiced their concerns over the weekend about their details unwittingly being sent all over the place, and it appears that Facebook has taken the public anger to heart, with a promise to release an updated version of the feature soon with a better approach to privacy.

Douglas Purdy, the Director of Developer Relations at Facebook, said that Facebook agrees with the sentiments expressed by users and will temporarily disable the feature until it has made changes that result in shared details only when the user specifically allows it.

The updated version should be available within a matter of weeks.