Facebook and Littlehint to matchmake with DNA

As if Facebook didn’t provide enough friendship for the socially awkward, a new website called Littlehint.com wants to take your Facebook details, email, marital status, and a bit of DNA to boot and hand you a husband or wife on a silver platter.

Or, at least, that’s where Littlehint is intending to go. There’s already a way to test your genetic match via Genepartner.com, and this appears to be the company Littlehint has match-made itself with.

It’s long been reported that our genetic makeup plays a key role in almost every aspect of our lives, but will a quick swab in your cheek really help you find a date?

Littlehint.com intends to make money from the venture by allowing its users to send virtual gifts for their hard-earned cash, but we would imagine that if you found your soulmate you’d be sending them something a little more physical.

There’s even an iPhone and Android app in the works, reports TechCrunch Europe. We’re just waiting for the release of a new smartphone with a gene swab stylus.