Facebook actively censoring LibDem and Labour

In the wake of the first ever broadcast election debates featuring the big 3 of British politics on telly, Facebook has been behaving very strangely, censoring a number of pro Labour and LibDem groups and pages.

A Labour campaigner tells us that two of the prevalent pages that have been censored are ‘Labour Win’ and ‘Were[sic] backing Brown’. A petition has been started for Facebook to reinstate the Labour Win page. On it, the groups founder claims that Facebook removed the profile because it was “fake”.

The strange thing is, there are unofficial groups and pages all over Facebook, and not just in the UK. Why would Facebook be actively removing campaigning sites unless it has a vested interest in the Conservative party? Digging out well hidden T&C’s seems a strange thing to do without reason.

Especially when you consider that Facebook very recently became self-appointed paragon of the general election online, actively encouraging all of its UK users to register to vote. Why, if it is so keen to get the country out of the apathy slump, would it be trying to stifle genuine, informed political debate?

We have tried to contact Facebook but as of yet have had no reply.

A source who has closely been following the issue told TechEye: “They’ve been up to dirty tricks since the begiining of the year when it was clear social media was getting the message across. Initially posts would disappear for no reason, but as they’ve gone on as if it’s been about trying to minimise the cross fertilisation.

“For instance if I write ‘Happy Birthday’ on your wall both our names show up in the live “See More” feed. But if I were to write on the ‘Labour Win’ page, or another such group, the recipient is blank. This is a development in recent months because one anti-Cameron group had over 150,000 members and therefore had wide reach, and they were simply scared.

“Now that group fails to appear on any search, and even though I’m a member of the group it does not appear in my list of groups.! Prior to this in February, Facebook started blocking tinylinks to newspaper articles critical of the Tories on the grounds they had been reported as being offensive! All of these actions are attempts to restrict the easy flow of information about Tory policies.”