"Elton John must die" internet campaigner arrested

Inspector Knacker of the Georgia Yard has fingered the collar of an anti-abortion activist who wanted Elton John dead.

Neal Horsley was apparently incandescent with rage after the Queen of Pop stated that Jesus was probably gay.

After all he never got married,  was described in the bible as loving his disciple John and believed his mum was a virgin.

Horsley, 65, started an Internet campaign themed around the idea “Why Elton John Must Die.”

He posted a YouTube video of him protesting outside John’s Peachtree Road condominium with a large sign proclaiming, “Elton John Must Die.”

They are similar to the tactics that Horsley has been using for several years where he ran websites listing the names of doctors performing abortions.  

He also had links to Web cams showing patients entering abortion clinics.He got into trouble in 2002 when his Web site condemning abortion doctors can be held liable in a civil suit because it amounted to illegal threats and not free speech.

This being the conservative south, authorities might have been so quick to act while he was threatening doctors and abortion campaigners but doing the same thing to a celeb with shedloads of cash is a hanging offence over the pond.

Horsley was booked into the Fulton County Jail, charged with terroristic threats, criminal defamation and using the Internet to disseminate threats. Horsely was bailed on $40,000 and must remain at the home of his son, Nathanael Horsley.  Horsley the younger is acting as his dad’s lawyer.