Eight percent of US adults use Twitter

Eight percent of American adult internet users use Twitter, a report from the Pew Research Centre has revealed.

The study, which was carried out as part of the Internet & American Life Project, found that eight percent of online adults in the US use Twitter, with two percent using the micro-blogging service on a daily basis.

The report also found that 74 percent of all American adults use the internet, so that makes the amount of adult Twitter users in the overall US population, both on and offline, around six percent.

Women appear to use Twitter more than men, with 10 percent of American adult women using the service compared to only seven percent of adult men.

Age is also a factor, with younger adults tending to use Twitter more than older ones. The 18-29 age bracket was the dominant one, with 14 percent of Americans in this range using Twitter. The number halved to seven percent for 30-49-year-olds and fell to six percent for 50-64-year-olds. Only four percent of over 65s use Twitter.

People on lower incomes tend to use Twitter more than those on high incomes. 10 percent of those with incomes lower than $30,000 log in, while the $30,000-$49,999 bracket saw only six percent. The figure jumped back to 10 percent for those between $50,000-74,999 and fell again to six percent for those with earnings above $75,000.

Location was another contributing factor for using Twitter, with 11 percent of people in urban areas tweeting, most likely due to the ready access of internet. Eight percent of the suburbs use the service, while only five percent of rural residents send out their status updates.

While the number of total Americans using Twitter represents a significant amount of people and highlights the importance of social media, it pales in comparison to the extent to which Facebook is used. In a report from Facebook in December 2009 it was revealed that the website gets 100 million active users from the US in a month, making it nearly a third of the entire US population of 310 million.