Egyptian couple names baby "Facebook"

Johnny Cash sang about a Boy Named Sue, but a couple in Egypt have chosen to call their first born “Facebook“.

The baby girl was named after Facebook in tribute to the part it played in the Egyptian revolution where Mubarak was eventually toppled.

Egyptians used the website to organise protests in Tahrir Square, which contributed to the eventual departure of president Hosni Mubarak. They also turned to the internet, especially Facebook and Twitter, to authentically air outrage and connect protestors. An army of bloggers also helped lobby for their rights.

Now, Jamal Ibrahim has honoured – and shown his gratitude –  to Mark Zuckerburg’s site by naming his first born girl after it. “Bebo” or “Myspace” were not considered.

According to the Ahram newspaper, Facebook is already a bit of a celebrity with family, friends, neighbours crowding around to voice their support. Vive la Facebóók!