Dutch just say no to ACTA

The Dutch, who famously sorted out the UK’s Irish question by loaning their King, have told the US sock-puppets of Big Content, to sling their hook.

The Netherlands is almost certain to say “no” against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) this afternoon.

A motion by Kees Verhoeven and Afke Schaart is being looked at by the Dutch Competitiveness Council later this afternoon and will be voted on in the House.

It looks like the Kees Verhoeven’s motion will be adopted by a majority of the House which has already  slammed the controversial ACTA trade agreement.

According to the Dutch Press, it means that that the Netherlands will finally tell Big Content to “bog off”.

ACTA was intended to combat the trading of counterfeit goods. This included music, movie and software downloads that fall under copyright protection.

The treaty is going to have a rough ride in the European Parliament, but Verhoeven does not want to wait.

The motion will kill off the ACTA treaty whether the European Parliament vote for it or against.

The Dutch government has already waived putting a signature on the treaty under pressure from the House. One of the concerns is that the provisions of the treaty go against civil rights and hand too much political power to Big Content.

Verhoeven finds that the treaty’s Internet freedom and privacy of citizens and businesses are in real danger from the treaty.