Dutch call for loosening of copyright law

The Dutch government wants to change copyright law so new media users can continue to do “creative remixes” of protected content.

According to Dutch newspaper  RNW, The Hague will not wait for the European Commission to find a compromise between Big Content and reality.

Bernt Hugenholtz of the Dutch state committee on copyright law said that “We all love YouTube

Hugenholtz said European copyright law was outdated because the exceptions it allows for the use of protected content do not take new technology into account.

He is a university lecturer and he said he can use copyright-protected material in lectures but can get into trouble once they start showing the same content via digital technology such as electronic whiteboards.

European law strictly defining a specific set of exceptions and limitations to copyright protection and the courts are not given any leeway to interpret them.

As a result European rules are unsuited to deal with the rapid pace of development in new digital technology.

Copyright holders are not harmed, so it makes a lot of sense to allow this. But in Europe, where we do not have open norms like the fair use doctrine in the United States, we can’t do these things without infringing the law, he said.