Dotcom will go to the US for trial

Kim Dotcom is confident that the United States criminal case against him is collapsing and has offered to go there without extradition.

While this would normally mean that he he should be packing, he has made his offer conditional on the federal authorities unfreeze his millions of dollars so he can pay for lawyers and living expenses. This is a bit like saying “when hell freezes over”.

Of course the US allowing that is remote. It has probably spent all Megaupload’s cash on a nice holiday somewhere hot and giving him anything for his defence might mean that he gets a fair trial. The DoJ does not want him to get a fair trial because that would mean one where he walks.

Besides Kim made the offer on Twitter, which while public, is not exactly legally binding.

Dotcom told the Hollywood Reporter  the department knows it does not have a case.

Crucially, if the kiwis force the US to show what proof it has then there will be no extradition. Dotcom said that was why the US was fighting tooth and nail to stop him getting discovery.

“If they had a case, they would not need to hide what they have,” he said.

It looks like the case will drag on anyway. Yesterday, his lawyers confirmed the extradition case had been shifted from next month to March.

Dotcom tweeted that it was DoJ dirty delay tactics. The US destroyed his business, took all his assets and is hoping that time will finish him off.

He blames the Kiwi government for bowing down to the US and refusing an NZ resident due process and a fair defence.