Deutsche Telekom takes fight to Sky with 3D IPTV, announces LTE

German telco behemoth Deutsche Telekom presented its newest services today at Berlin’s IFA trade fair.

Subscribers to its Entertain TV IPTV service will be able to rent 3D movies from the Videoload store and watch one game of Bundesliga footie in 3D on Sundays, provided they have a Telekom VDSL line and a 3D telly on top of it all. Movie studios Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures have already placed their bets on Telekom’s new offerings.

So far, Entertain TV offers 130 channels of pleasure and occasional depravity to its subscribers.

On top of it all, Liga Total! can be subscribed to as a separate PPV channel, giving users full coverage of Germany’s footie leagues and the possibility to add games to create a personal conference.

Liga Total costs an extra €14.95 a month, on top of its Entertain rates ranging from €27.95 (TV and phone line) to €44.95 (phone and VDSL/ ADSL flat rate). Consumers will be asking themselves why on earth they should bother subscribing to Sky’s PPV offering if they can get it all from one place for €60 a month.

Deutsche Telekom is also showcasing LTE mobile phone services at its IFA booth, using kit supplied by Chinese network equipment maker Huawei and Samsung. By the end of next year, the telco will cover approximately 1.500 gaps in regions sans broadband landlines with its 4G broadband mobile phone services, bringing the joys of bandwidth-heavy sites to the remotest redneck hillbilly dwelling, even if no one asked them to.

LTE, or “long-term evolution”, will allow mobile operators to roll out services which will be as fast as and able to compete with DSL. LTE will also spell “D E A T H” for Wimax. Deutsche Telekom’s first service “Call & Surf Comfort via radio” has been announced, interested punters can register on website to receive more info.