Department for Energy and Climate Change dev team cagey over cost

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has launched a website that allows the user to create their own sustainable energy plan to reach emissions targets by 2050.

But the team that worked to bring the site to the public appears rather cagey about answering questions over development costs.

A blogger revealed today that a series of FOI requests about costing led to members of the team, My2050, basically asking: “Why so curious?” 

TechEye has attempted to speak to the DECC about pricing, as it appears strange that such a defensive stance could be taken by those involved in a project that is laudable in its overall aims.

The My2050 website, announced by Minister Chris Huhne this week, is essentially a SimCity-esque program in which the user can attempt to balance the environment and fuel by a variety of means, like increasing utilisation of electric cars. The aim is to reduce overall emissions.

The tool aims to reach out to young people in order to educate and engage with the subject of emission reduction by highlighting the many changes that need to be made, to result in the rather idyllic Albion-esque vision of England that the site displays.

“This user-friendly version of the analysis is aimed at a youth audience and we plan to engage schools and colleges in using it to raise awareness of the issues,” said Huhne in a written statement.

“Scientists, engineers and politicians around the world have been grappling with these issues, but in the end it is ordinary people, especially young people, who in 2050 will be living with these decisions.”

It is part of a plan that sees leading scientists highlight their own vision of a reduced carbon society allowing for an interactive and basically opens a healthy debate about what can be done to meet the target of reducing emissions by 2050.

While the overall aim is admirable in many respects, it seems there has been some mystery over some details of the site, such as how much it has cost the taxpayer.