Defacebook partners with Websense

Facebook and Websense have formed a partnership to protect the social network’s users from malicious sites.

Presumably absent from the blacklist is itself, but that’s a very different kettle of fish.

Access to known malware-serving sites will initially be blocked by a screen warning of the dangers of moving off to the infected or malicious site.

Facebook malware links have become a problem for users who are often not safety-conscious in their eagerness to visit off-site offers and games. The partnership will at least cause them to pause for thought.

When a site is selected that is flagged as dangerous, the intervening screen is marked clearly as a Security Alert with a brief description of the dangers that have been notified to Websense. The user can then click on a large button to take them back to the screen they just left or to select a smaller link that will allow them to visit the dangerous site.

The feature uses the Websense ThreatSeeker Cloud online service to analyse actions instantly through the company’s proprietary Advanced Classification Engine (ACE), which applies a classification and malware ID process to prevent data loss.