Defacebook: de UI is a messy thing

Opinions are divided about Facebook in general – if you’re not careful you can certainly get into a real mess with it.  

But for those who use the social notworking tool, there are some fiendish things that always seem to happen, and opinions are not so divided about those, that’s for sure.

In the last week or two it rolled out an infernal feed that reported on just about anything everyone pasted on their or others’ walls.  Don’t know about everyone else, but that seems to have disappeared from my Defacebook.  Mark “Woodside” Zuckerberg’s outfit swaps things in and out at the drop of a hat, sometimes highly confusingly.

David Austin RosesIn the process of building up a large database of what people like and unlike, Facebook has also cheesed off the world+dog+Google. I’ve noticed some of my 722 friends – yeah I know that’s an unlikely number of friends to have – like, variously Marmite, British Airways and David Austin Roses.  Personally I dislike Marmite intensely, am completely indifferent to BA except when it messes up, and love the scent of my David Austin rose (pictured).  But I don’t see why any of these companies should get my free endorsement. I’m going to unfriend David Austin Roses right now.

(And here’s another thing. I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal – that is to say I pay good money to see its august pages – but why does it keep flashing really obnoxious ads at me? Because it can? And my btinternet mail account really has a nerve throwing unwanted ads at me too.)

Facebook also has a direct effect on the central nervous system. If my 722 friends suddenly drops to 721 or worse to 718, I can’t find out without laboriously going through a very long list who have de-fiended me. And worse than that, except in the most obvious instances when I’ve behaved like a total prat,  I can’t find out why.

Apparently loads of people spend endless hours sitting on Defacebook, as if it is an alternative internet, and play puerile pointless games like Mafia Wars and Moronville.  Er, oops, I’ve done a bit of that in my time.

Well that’s all I have to say really, because I have to check on FB who has de-fiended me and then go onto Twitter to mindlessly blab about something or other and check out the feeds and that.  And no I haven’t joined this Google thing yet – life’s too short and death is way too long…