Death of Google Reader welcomed by Iranian government

Google’s decision to kill Google Reader is not going down well with consumers, but Iranian mullahs should love it.

Loads of Iranians used the service to get around government censorship. Iranian authorities took censorship to a whole new level following the failed 2009 Green Revolution. As social media played a crucial role in the subsequent Arab Spring, the Islamic Republic is unlikely to end the clampdown anytime soon.

Google’s popular RSS reader was used by journalists, activists and ordinary folk. It provided readers with raw feeds of data, allowing them to evade censorship, reports SAI

Google’s servers are located in the US and other countries that don’t take too kindly to government censorship, so they provided uncensored feeds, rendering censorship efforts rather futile.

Now, Iranians will be forced to look for alternatives.

There are plenty of RSS readers out there and some might do the trick.