Dancing Queen hits out at Net Neutrality rules

Dancing Queen and the former engineering brains behind Apple, Steve Wozniak has been telling the  world+dog that the new rules on net neutrality passed by the FCC didn’t go far enough.

Woz told reporters that new rules passed by the FCC on net neutrality were a good first step but were nowhere near enough strong enough.

Woz did not like the idea that wireless carriers would still be able to interfere with internet traffic on their networks.

In an open letter he called for Net Neutrality regulations to be enshrined into law.

The Woz told Bloomberg the notion of Net Neutrality is an important one. He said that it was all about Internet freedom and he didn’t think the FCC went far enough.

Wozniak said that Net Neutrality was necessary to protect innovation, and to allow small companies to compete in a world of corporate behemoths.

He might have a little bit to worry about. The Republicans look set to attempt to block the new laws in the Senate.

On the surface it looks like they are opposed to more government regulation of business. However since this is about the telcos ability to throttle user traffic, it is more likely that they are standing up for their mates in big business.

Sens. John Ensign and Kay Bailey Hutchison plan to introduce a resolution of disapproval to stop the ruling from going into effect.

“This vote is an unprecedented power-grab by the unelected members of the Federal Communications Commission, spearheaded by Chairman Genachowski,” Hutchison said in a statement. However countless Americans will probably realise that they didn’t vote for Verizon to throttle their mobile traffic either.