Crap BT advert gets axed by ASA

Kris Marshall, better known as a luvvie in Love, Actually and Nick Harper in lame duck UK Britcom My Family, got hit by a car in Bristol two years ago. But we suspect he’s not the only one who woke up after a conk on the head with some bizarre ideas, and the Advertising Standards Authority agrees. BT execs are churning out misleading broadband adverts faster than they respond to customer service queries. Not actually very fast, then.

But still it’s had two thoroughly crap broadband adverts banned by the ASA twice in a month. The latest outright lies to viewers, a voiceover boldly saying that BT is going to give you, lucky you, 20Mbps speeds for “consistently faster broadband  throughout the day, even at peak times.”

It was misleading about loading internet pages faster. In the advert, the BT guy from My Family is being shown around a house. The estate agent spends a long time on the computer and the voiceover then says BT’s the way to go for faster internet.

Some people phoned in to the ASA, feeling duped and generally confused – “surely a standard website will load similarly on an 8Mbps line and a 20Mbps line, right?” they said, probably not in those words.

The ASA said in a statement: “Although we noted BT’s argument that the sequence was not intended as an actual visual comparison we considered that, in an ad focused on the benefits of a faster service, consumers would expect any comparative demonstration of that feature to be representative of the benefits available to them.”

BT recently invited viewers to decide the fate of the couple in the advert. Shockingly, people voted. Apparently the public wants the couple to have a baby. As a friend of TechEye put it: “Stupid bloody country.”