Could the Government impose a social networking tax?

The government could propose a tax on social networking sites in order to raise some much needed cash according to accountancy firm RMS Tenon.

Rob Gunn a tax director at the firm told Techeye that although it had not had any conversations with any political bodies the tax on social networking sites would not come as a shock.

He also pointed out that unlike other reports in the press, which quoted him as claiming this tax would be for Twitter, it would be for a whole range of social networking sites.

“Twitter tax has a certain alliteration to it so I guess that’s why they used it,” he told us.  

He said the tax could be similar to the much debated broadband tax that was bandied about by Labour before the election, claiming “no one would have expected the broadband tax a few months ago, but it’s out there.

“It’s never surprising when something surprising comes out,” he said.

And it seems this tax prediction doesn’t apply to any party in particular either with Mr Gunn claiming that this could be a cross party agenda.

We called around a few accountancy firms to get their opinion on this. Some reckoned the whole thing was preposterous. TechEye is skeptical by nature and we see their point.

However, we think that more ridiculous measures have been passed – like the Digital Economy Bill. There’s a slim chance that Mr Gunn could be onto something, but there is the question of how and why this would actually be imposed. Would it be taken from our broadband bills or from our wages, and how could government bigwigs genuinely find value in it?

And would it be fair on the silver surfer generation, many of whom have not yet embraced social networking, with the exception of Ivy Bean? Perhaps the Government would impose different bands for our use, but until we hear something concrete we’ll just have to keep guessing about this one. Or put it on the scrap heap.