Coppers raid houses for stolen virtual furniture

Inspector Knacker of the Finnish Yard raided five houses looking for stolen virtual furniture.

According to the Beeb Finnish police are investigating up to 400 cases of theft, with some members reporting the loss of up to €1000 (£840) worth of virtual furniture and other items.

Detective Sergeant Marko Levonen said his team have carried out five home searches in five cities in Finland.

The furniture was virtually nicked from Habbo Hotel, an online site where you can pay a small fortune to have an avatar and a little virtual room.

Coppers say they are seeing malicious attacks and trojans stealing accounts for all the games you can imagine, including World of Warcraft, Farmville and so on.

The Finnish company Sulake, which owns Habbo Hotel, subsequently identified several hundred more users who appeared to have been targeted.

However it is not clear what the Finnish coppers were hoping to find in the raids. It is not as if a virtual sofa can be sniffed out by a police alsation however clever it is.

Most of the raids appear to be somewhat clever criminals from other parts of the world so the furniture is going to exist on a server in Russia well out of the range of a sniffer dog’s nose.