Connection speeds in Europe up

Ruins in YorkA survey by Akamai said that connection speeds in Europe were showing a healthy growth by and large with seven countries in the global top 10 countries.

Akamai said that all European countries it surveys showed average connection speeds were above the 10 Mpbs threshold.

Sweden achieved the top spot in Europe with a 16.1 Mbps average connection speed.

Globally, average peak connection speeds rose by 12 percent to 32.5 Mbps. Nine of the countries had speeds of at least 50 Mbps with Romania topping the list with an average peak connection speed of 72.1 Mbps.

The UK had average connection speeds of 11.8 Mbps – a rise of 7.6 percent year on year, but that leaves the country at number 19 in the worldwide broadband lead table.

In the second quarter, the UK showed 85 percent of broadband was at 4 Mbps or more. The average page load time for a broadband connection was 3138 ms in the second quarter.